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Media Analysis (Major News Story)

Montreal University Students don Blackface


I am a first year student at Acadia University and Frosh
week not only kept my mind of the fresh thought of moving to a new unfamiliar
place but it also gave me the opportunity to meet new people. I am a big
supporter of introducing students into a new university with Frosh week but I
disagree with the frosh events that took place at A Université de Montréal.
Students painted their faces black and dressed up in Jamaican colors and
chanted in Jamaican accents saying “smoke more weed”. I enjoyed the
events that my residence’s frosh week team organized and they fully achieved
the goal to entertain new students and welcome us to Acadia University. As to
this event that took place at A Université de Montréal , I am confused as to
what exactly the point of this activity was. A student of Jamaican decent,
Anthony Morgan says he will be filing human rights compliant for this stunt. I
fully support and agree with Morgan.



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