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Media Analysis (Under-Reported Story)

Sexual Violence against Women Soldiers on the Rise and Under Wraps


Any soldier that is sent to war should be guaranteed safety around
their fellow soldiers, especially women. It was shocking to go on
projectcensored.org to find out that many rapes, murders, and suicides are
being covered up by the military to ensure enrolment keeps steady. They specify
on the story of Private Lavena Johnson who allegedly committed suicide. However
further investigation into her death resulted in findings that she had been
badly beaten. The article continues to say that stories similar to Lavena’s are
common on US military bases in Afghanistan. This reminded me of a statement that
Professor Alexander had said earlier this week: “Leadership needs to have
people at the table who are question mark people, who will question statements”
Is anyone in the Pentagon going to question why the military is covering these
women’s deaths? This was a very eye-opening article and I am pleased I get to
advertise it to others.



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