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Research Quest #2

Find out about Peter Irniq and about is contribution to mainstream views.




Peter Irniq is a former commissioner of Nunavut,
an Inuit cultural teacher, and an artist. He has done extensive work to attract
people to Nunavut to be educated in the complex culture, art, and history. He
has worked endlessly to advance Nunavut culture and language. He is a
“good will ambassador” that encourages people from all over the world
to come visit Nunavut.


Seek the website Nunavut@5 and find the video about Trudeau.


Being a full status Mi’kmaq, I have learned throughout my whole life, the difficulties
my ancestors had gone through. The video identified that the hardships the
government put the first nations through are still being felt in communities
today. Aboriginal communities have the highest suicide rates in the country.
The video also details that first nations are still being neglected with the
lowest education rates in the country. An interesting line that was mentioned
was that during the time of sending children away to residential schools, the
government had a policy of assimilation. How could the government think it would
be possible and right to adjust a whole culture?




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