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Reflective Journal #2

Honour Songs in Multiple Harmonies by Gkisedtanamoogk

I very much enjoyed this section of the book. Gkisedtanamoogk
details of how aboriginals have such a spiritual lifestyle but they are so commonly
miss-represented with stereotyping and racism. A line that really cause my
attention and that I loved was “It is this Honour song that I humbly give to
all those who braved the impossible, who are steadfast and determined to love
their people, culture, and sprite in spite of social trickery and hostility so
commonly waged by North America against Indigenous Nations and their peoples.”
I love this line because it really is the truth about the aboriginal’s struggles;
they just want their culture and people to be respected. He also speaks of the
negative view of the natives when in truth; people are very uneducated about
the history, language, treaties, and the struggles they face. If people were
educated with the beautiful culture of the indigenous people, views would be a
lot different and they would be treated with a lot more respect.




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