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Reflective Journal #3

Rights and Roots: Addressing a New Wave of Colonialism

By: Melina Laboucan-Massimo

Melina opens my eyes to how Canada still continues to
overlook the First Nation’s needs and specifically the mistreatment of The
Lubicon Cree. She discusses that 14 billion dollars in revenue has been made
since 1980 from exploiting oil, but yet her First Nations community in Northern
Alberta still has no running water. Canada prides itself on helping third world
countries but there are First Nations living in third world conditions here in
Canada. How is that justifiable and acceptable? The treatment of the Lubicon
Cree has received from the government is shameful. Melina writes that the
TransCanada pipeline not only affects the First Nations of Alberta and
traditional lands, it is extending northwest into British Columbia, and Yukon,
affecting many more first nation communities. In my opinion, this is a huge
issue for Canada and it is an issue that has been overlooked for hundreds of
years. Melina made many excellent points of how people look at the land more as
a resource and not what it really is, fragile nature. There have been formal apologizes
made to the First Nations and reparation money but when will the mistreatment
of the aboriginals finally stop.


The book I will be starting this month will be the Vanishing
Face of Gaia.



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