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Major News Story #4


U.S. economy ‘close to faltering,’ Bernanke says

Ben Bernank, the chairman of the U.S Federal Reserve, warned Tuesday that the American economic
recovery “is close to faltering” and that the central bank is ready to do more
to support growth. Bernanke said that the recession was deeper than the
government first thought and recovery has been slower than expected.

It seems as though we have heard no good news of the U.S.A economy stabilizing, in quite some
time. Will America economy ever stabilize or will it just progressively worse?  America has been involved in many unwinnable wars, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and so on that has soaked up
billions of dollars of America’s money and increased their foreign debts.
America’s unsustainable deficit that is an astronomical amount and with the
declining oil production where is America heading? Comparing America to the
Soviet Union in my opinion can put thing into prospective. America’s current
problems that I just stated are very similar to what contributed to the
downfall of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union took only 17 years to collapse,
for such a major superpower at one point. Is it just a matter of time before
all of the U.S.A’s unsolvable problems cause the U.S.A to collapse politically
and economically?



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