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Part 2.0 of Quiz

“As can be seen from the analysis of Oka and Ipperwash, these acts of Aboriginal resistance serve as wake-up calls to governments. They are sharp and clear signals that Aboriginal Peoples are not going to take it on the chin any more, that there are fundamental flaws in the conditions of Aboriginal communities and the treatment of their rights that governments must address.” Peter Russell p. 45

  • Oka and Ipperwash are recent incident but people must not forget that when Europeans came over they disrupted Aboriginal’s whole way of living, which they essentially never fully recovered from. The rights of the Aboriginals have been ignored for hundreds of years and they have been neglected from fundamental rights, when this is their land. The government need to address that it was their land that was taken, and the land they do possess is targeted by the government for unnecessary construction,
    like a golf course, which was the case in Oka. There have been many wake-up calls to the government but yet Aboriginal communities live in third-world living conditions, its unacceptable.

“My 11-year old daughter asked, “Mom, why are Anishinabek women disappearing?” I did not know she was aware of this until she said it. I said to her it is because we are carries of our nations. She could not understand that. So I told her more straightforward. It is because we can carry life in our womb and we care the Ancestors of our people to the children. We are always the reminder of creating life for our people. Without us, the people will vanish from the earth. Our culture will cease, our memories to this land will disappear and we will become extinct. No more Anishinabek to protect the land, air, and water. This she understood and also understood why I keep her so close to me when we go to town. … The enormous tragedy of missing and murdered Anishinabek women is so obscene and yet so minimized.” Judy Da Silva p. 65

  • This is a perfect example of agenda setting in the media. This issue is indeed minimized and it’s hard not to ask the question if it were white middle-class women disappearing would the media pay more attention? This is a crisis what is happening to the Anishinabek women and yet it is disregarded by the media. Where is the moral rightness for these women? Aboriginal are so neglected in this country to the point where the country doesn’t know of the astonishing large numbers of missing and murdered
    women there are every year.

“As I write this, the front page if The Globe and Mail has reported that First Nations communities in Manitoba had been sent body bags in response to their pleas for help in fighting a potential outbreak of the H1N1 virus.  …. The way in which we collectively structure responses to problems affecting Aboriginal people remain struck in a particular mindset, what Ladner and I referred to as ‘paradigm paralysis.” Michael Orsini p. 257

  • The health disparity between Aboriginals and the rest of the majority population is for reasons as what Michael Orsini has given us in this quote. In response to health crisis in First Nations communities, assistance is not sent, but body bags are sent, completely disregarding it as a problem at all. Ladner and Orsini’s title they have given this problem, “paradigm paralysis”, I interpret that term as a reoccurring problem. Although, there had been media coverage of the problems that faces Aboriginal people, stories as this one are all too familiar. We see it in the media so why isn’t the government responding and making changes to these reoccurring problems?


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